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Say hello to Insights.

Unfiltered. Real. Raw. Insights.

Stuff that moves you.


Available on all major social & audio-video streaming platforms out there.

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Insights ⸱ Season 01
September 2022

The pilot season of Insights is here!OSX Insights is for those who wish to make a difference in the world - those who know they're meant to do something meaningful but don't know how to get started yet. Insights is the kind that makes you ponder, tinker, experiment, and inspire you to become the change.

Insights ⸱ Season 02
September 2023

Insights Season 2 is a chapter filled with rigour, passion, and fervour. Onboarding us on this ride are entrepreneurs, founders, and our very own batchmates to share part of their stories, experiences and ventures. 

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