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Boris Johnson Partygate Scandal

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

By Ayush Nigam

Months long work done by the Boris Johnson administration, including executing the most awaited Brexit and negotiating trade deals with the EU had created a ‘knight in shining armor’ image for the general populace of England. This image has come crashing down in the past months, with an ongoing investigation revealing that there were several ‘bring your own booze’ parties held in the residence of the Prime Minister despite stringent Covid protocols. Several alleged videos have floated out, with members of his party taking the podium and cracking jokes about how they were skirting regulations made by the administration. This recent upheaval called Partygate by the UK Media has been especially damning for the Prime Minister, where leading lawmakers from his own Conservative Party were openly discussing the prospect of toppling him openly.

Johnson’s top former aides including Munira Mirza, Jack Doyle and Martin Reynolds were longstanding high-profile names that resigned within hours of the publishing of the damning investigation that revealed the parties taking place on Downing Street.

“I am sorry”, said the PM amid an uproar in the Parliament as he accepted a ‘serious failure to observe the high standard of expected of garment and the entire British Population’, as written by civil servant Sue Gray in the report. Although the PM has not yet officially accepted the fact that he was aware of the parties were going on in such a way, an ongoing Police enquiry might say otherwise. If found guilty of the fact that Johnson was present at other parties as well, or knew the party was not a ‘work event’ as claimed, he would be found to have lied to the House of Commons. This grave Ministerial Code of conduct would then call for his expected resignation due to the same. The coming months could be defining for the political sphere of England.


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