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It’s the Effort to Win That Matters, Not the Score on the Leaderboard.

This is what TATA SONS LIMITED Chairman Mr. N. Chandrasekaran spoke about this in a recent speech on Entrepreneurship.

Addressing the crowd, he spoke about the important aspects of good #leadership - setting high aspirants and enrolling people to believe that idea. In his purview, entrepreneurs should focus on #purpose led-organizations rather than #valuations.

Building great teams, he highlighted, requires #trust and #empowerment which needs to be dissipated into all the people working towards a common goal. I remembered reading about this in Harvard Business Review’s Must Reads on Leadership, I also read about the difficulties of getting a set of people behind a common goal.

It was an eye opening fact which said that only a square root of the people in an organization pull off about 50 percent of the work. This is a problem that is endemic for small teams wherein getting everyone behind a common goal is extremely important.

Therefore, Mental Health and Will Power, a Mr. Chandrasekaran highlights are key for people in leadership positions.

As I share insights with you, I hope this will act as a solidifier for me, cementing this information in my day-to-day activities.

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