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Zomato - Blinkit, Merge

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

By Yeshaswine Tamarakolanu

Zomato, the food delivery unicorn, said on March 1st that it has invested the rupee equivalent of $150 million in Blinkit (formerly GIPL)., a 10-minute grocery delivery start-up, as a form of debt. Zomato will be disbursed in one or more tranches of 12 percent annual interest rate with a maximum term of one year in consideration for the loan given to Blinkit.

Blinkit's worth might rise to $700-750 million as a result of the Zomato acquisition, which will aid the company in recouping its capital, vendor payments, shuts down warehouses, and lay off workforce.

According to sources, SoftBank, a Blinkit investor, will receive a 4 percent to 4.5 percent share in Zomato and a 40% ownership in Blinkit as a result of the merger.


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