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Australia Begins Long Road to Retraining Thousands of Coal Workers for Clean Energy Roles

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

By Ritvik Vanukuru

Historically, one of the pioneers of coal and gas, Australia now has to cope with the sudden shift to clean power. The issue here is how they can transition thousands of workers to new roles in the wind and solar sectors.

Coal Supremacy in Australia has finally received threats from the emergent clean power sector. One of the world's largest turbine manufacturers, Vestas Wind systems A/S has now funded the country's first wind power training tower, letting students and ex-coal workers.

Mining is in the blood of Australians, so it will be a challenge to transition into the clean energy sector. Still, even though 10,000 coal jobs may be lost by 2036, they will be offset by 20,000 new jobs in the renewable industry.


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