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Bajaj Finance became the biggest contributor to the Sensex

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

By Hayfa Ashraf

Bajaj Finance shares on the BSE finished at 5,917.60 per share, up 4.51%. During trading hours, the shares reached an intraday high of $5,932.95 per share. Bajaj Finance surpassed ITC to take over as the 11th most valuable firm on the BSE. Thus, Bajaj Finance's market cap is at around $3,58,268.80 crore.

Bajaj Finance's client base increased to 60.3 million as compared to last year, from 50.5 million. Additionally, in the first quarter of FY23, the firm saw its client franchise grow by the greatest ever quarterly rate of 2.7 million.

Additionally, compared to the same period last year, the business booked new loans of 7.4 million in Q1FY23, up from 4.6 million.


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