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SEBI revamps its market data advisory committee

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

By Priyanshi Nagpal

SEBI’s committee on market data is responsible for looking out segment-wise data perimeters, data needs, and gaps along with recommendations on data privacy and data access regulations for market data. Additionally, it lays forward appropriate policies for accessing securities market data.

The advisory will have 20 members, as per SEBI. Vikram Limaye, NSE’s former MD and CEO, was replaced from the list by Ashish Chauhan, the exchange’s new appointment and former MD and CEO of rival bourse BSE. BSE is in the process of appointing a replacement for Chauhan, who will also be placed on the committee.

The advisory, chaired by S Sahoo, Professor at NLU, Delhi, and former chairperson, IBBI, is essentially a panel of representatives of senior officials and stakeholders of SEBI as well as CEOs of depositories.


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