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Tata Group leapfrogs Infosys to become India’s most valuable and iconic brands

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

By Prateek Pyne

Despite the COVID-19 impact over the last two years, top Indian brands have experienced significant growth in brand value over 2022. According to Brand Finance (BF), the world's leading sectoral valuation firm, The Tata Group remains the world's most valuable Indian brand. The Taj Hotels Company — its oldest company — has emerged as India's strongest brand.

The Tata group has maintained its top spot, becoming the most valuable brand at $24 billion. With brand-building activities across the globe, the Tata group strengthened its global strategic business and leadership initiatives.

This year, the sectors that experienced the highest growth in brand value were banking, IT services, and telecom. Infosys continued to lead its peers in the IT sector, and the State Bank of India (SBI) emerged as the top banking brand in South Asia.


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